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Progressive betting method is divided into two types, positive and negative.

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Pontoon is a standart Blackjack game that was played by many famous blackjack artists in casino gambling. Though, from the first sight, it is not very complex, as it has similar to other Blackjack games rules.

Vegas Strip

Vegas Strip game takes its origin from the U.S. This Blackjack variation is extremely popular and is played in almost every Vegas casino. Though, it may take some time to get accustomed to its rules and regulations, so read our guide first.


European Blackjack is another variation of a popular classic Blackjack. As you can see from its name - the game is very popular in European countries. Discover the differences between this fascinating game and other types.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City Blackjack can be played anywhere you like to play if only you have an Internet access to the casino. This game is traditionally played with several deck of cards from 4 to 8. So it can be an interesting alternative to the existing games.


Blackjack switch is the most interesting variant of famous card game. It has lots of rules and options everyone can enjoy both live and online. The object is still the same, but you have to cope with several hands to beat the dealer.

PostHeaderIcon Free Blackjack

Play Blackjack after practicing its free version at one of the reliable online casinos. Remember, that you have a possibility of playing it firstly for free without paying your money. It is a really good idea.

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PostHeaderIcon Blackjack Rules

In Blackjack online its main object is to score a winnng total of cards. If everything is done right - the players becomed a winner. Every card has its own value and they are counted in accordance with the rules.

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Blackjack Pontoon and Other Blackjack Variants

We are glad to welcome you at the website which is totally dedicated to one of the most popular card games – blackjack! As most of popular games, blackjack also has many variations, which differ in rules and even in game running. These variations are popular as well as original game is popular. In online and offline casinos you will find tables, where players enjoy Pontoon, Switch and Vegas Strip. Number of game variations can be explained by differences of mentality of different nations, which tried to make blackjack more usual and convenient for them. They added or excluded some elements to make the game Caesars Casino easier or even more complicated and as a result we have plenty games, which are different, but they have common origin. We want to get acquainted you with the most popular blackjack variations and the best strategies to beat the game of 21! Discover the thrill of mastering blackjack variations and unlocking winning strategies at , where our friends guide you through the diverse world of this timeless card game!

Free spins bonus is becoming more common now. Since slot machines are the most popular casino game at, it is only natural that operators try to lure potential players with free spins.

As blackjack is a game of skills, a lot of players try to find the best way of how to play game successfully. Some of these ways were rather useful and helpful while others had nothing common with proficient gambling. Probably the best strategy ever, which was developed to beat the dealer in blackjack, is a basic blackjack strategy. It is a little but different for game variations, but the principle remains the same – you have to know in which situations your hand can bust and which situations require hitting. Besides, you have to understand how to count the number of your hand, because if you do not know that – you know nothing about blackjack. We also recommend you to use during your gambling so called betting systems. They are not those strategies, which help to win money, they do not help you to make decisions during the game. But they help you to decide how much money to bet before game starts. Player, who uses these strategies, has more chances not to spend all money on gambling. It is a common misbelief that the more you win during the game, the higher bets must be. Of course, sometimes miracles happen when player makes only one bet of several thousands of dollars and win, but it is rather an exception than the rule. If you take care about your money, choose one of the betting systems and always follow its rules and in result you will be a winner or, at least, you won’t lose your money!

pickjoomlaBlackjack has many strategies that are a good known rescue for beginners. However, each strategy is just a statistical analysis. Blackjack provides options to manage player's hand's total. If to combine them in a right way - we'll get a strategy. Read which strategies are more preferable today.

pickjoomlaBlack jack betting systems are known as some unsure sort of things. However, Martingale betting system is more preferable by users. It can improve you winning results and chances if to follow it accurately. Blackjack players know very less about Martingale systems, so be the first to learn it.

pickjoomlaThere are systems that prevent player's money from huge losses. It is not only money management systems but also betting systems that bring a chance for winning. Now, we are talking about D'Alembert betting strategy, which is quite simple and is concidered to be a negative one. D'Alembert strategy rules are described here.