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Most of the rules of Atlantic City blackjack are the same with conventional blackjack game but there are some differences.

The Rules of Atlantic Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack is a particular type of Blackjack which follows all the basic rules of Blackjack. It was founded in New Jersey but now, one can play it from any corner of the world through internet. The main target of Blackjack is to get as near as 21 by the card in hand and not to get busted. In these game four decks of card is provided as well as sometime eight deck of card by the dealer.

One must have a card of ten points with a card of ace. Before starting the game the player must place their bets. Then the dealer gives two cards to every player showing them to all. If someone get 21 he will be busted and if not will wait to see the second card of the dealer. If the dealer has more than seventeen he will stay but if get less he will draw a card. You can double your call If one hand is over of your. It means you can double your bet. They do this only when he has nine, ten or eleven point in hand.

If you do this you will get only one card from the dealer. Another rule is splitting pair. If one player gets two cards of same value he can play two hands alone and have to pay the bet equal to his first one. Here he will play as two independent players. In some cases player can re split if he get chance. If the player decide to split ace and then get 21 it will not counted as blackjack. Another important option of Atlantic blackjack is one can take insurance. After seeing the cards of the dealer if one found an ace he can take insurance. It will make half of the bet he have given.

Blackjack is a very popular casino game all over the world and the Atlantic City Blackjack is one of the most interesting variations which are now getting popular all over the world for its player friendly rules and the adventure.