PostHeaderIcon Blackjack Rules

The blackjack table has 7 wagering spots. In some casinos they provide only five wagering spots. The dealer stands behind the blackjack table and acts as the orchestrator of the house. He deals and shuffles the cards. After players have divided the deck then the dealer places the cards in a so called card box called "shoe".

Then the players are asked to place their bet. After these formalities cards are distributed among the players. Every player gets 2 cards from the dealer. The first card is given to the player sitting left to the broker and the procedure goes on until everyone gets two cards from the dealer. Then the dealer starts to act on every hand starting on the person sitting farthest to his left. Players are given permission to touch cards but are allotted face down.

Player must not remove cards or hide them. To maintain the fairness of the game in some casinos players are not allowed touching the cards. In those cases the dealer bears all the responsibilities. He handles all the chips and cards. In order to win one has to trump the dealer with his card.


Any player who gets total 21 points is declared as the winner. Points are given by calculating the values of distributed cards.

  • For king, jack, queen and ten 10 points are given and as for other cards their value is equal to their numerical value. Ace costs 1 or 11.

If a hand gets an Ace and it can be counted as 11 then it is called a soft hand. Every other hand is called hard hand. There are two options called "hit" and "stand". Player can request for a card which is called hit. And if a player does not want take anymore cards then player can compose a stand by waving hand facing his palm downwards. Any verbal call won't be granted by the dealer. When playing the game you can make a hit or make a stand anytime during the game.

The dealer follows a simple rule. He takes a card when the player has less than total 16 points or stands for player with total 17 points or more. It is a fixed strategy and players should remember this. One can increase their bet in the course of the game. For that he has to call for the double down.

It is the most intriguing factor of blackjack as players can double their bet during the game and increase their winnings upon evaluating their cards. But it can also be risky. Above mentioned points are only a few rules of blackjack. One has to learn a lot more to be the best blackjack player.