PostHeaderIcon Chinese Blackjack

Chinese Blackjack is played with two 52 cards standard decks. Any quantity of players can play the game while one dealer deals it. All players start by putting their bets. The card decks are shuffled by the dealer. Then a player cuts the hand by putting several cards out of the deck to be reserved. The dealer then continues to deal every player a couple of cards face downward and lays the left behind cards in the primary "cut hand".


Scoring is parallel to conventional blackjack in this one, with a few differences in the rate of Aces. All the numbered cards are rated to the face value of them. Jacks, Queens, plus Kings are valued 10. For winning in Chinese Blackjack, you have to beat the total of the dealer avoiding going above 21.

The Ace bears a diversity of values, depending on the number of cards in a player's hand. If someone has 2 cards, the count of Aces can be 10 or 11. When there are 3 cards, Aces may be counted 1 or 10. Lastly, if someone has 4 cards or more, Aces are counted only as 1 point.

Chinese Blackjack presents some special arrangements of cards. These different combinations are Ban-Nag, Ban-Ban, and 15 Points.

If a player possesses an Ace or any of a King, Queen, Jack or 10, it is a ban-nag. When one gets ban-nag, he is paid double his stake by the dealer instantly. When a player possesses two Aces, it is a ban-ban. When one obtain a ban-ban, the bet is won by him and tripled immediately. When a player obtains a whole of 15 points, a free hand or escape hand is achieved by him. The player gets the choice to carry on or not to carry on with the hand. The dealer has the same choices if he wins a free hand.

Options for players and dealers

In Chinese blackjack every player has own set of preferences alike conventional blackjack. They have the opportunities of hitting, standing, and receiving additional cards or receiving no more cards. If a player gets 5 cards devoid of busting, he gets double of the bet immediately. If a player gets 5 cards with total 21, he obtains triple of the bet.

The dealer gets his own options also. If he possesses a less than 16 hand, he must hit. When he has whole of 16-21, with no busting, he is allowed hitting or revealing some players' hands. If he gets total of 21, every player must reveal their cards. Once dealer accomplishes a sum over 21, he is busted and pays every player their stakes at even money.