PostHeaderIcon The D'Alembert System

When you take part in blackjack then you should follow some procedure to avoid the loss of huge amount of money and also to take some chance to win some money.

Blackjack betting systems

There are generally two types of betting rule in blackjack; positive and the negative betting. Positive betting is where the players raise their bet and the negative is the right opposite of it. Among the negative betting rule there is Martingale system and D'Alembert system. The last one is very simple one.

According to this rule a player has to raise his bet by a player unit after losing each game and less by one unit just after winning a hand. Jean le RondD'Alembert a French physicist, mathematician, and philosopher first founded this rule by the rule of equilibrium in the 18th century. According to this rule after a long term lose the possibility of wining increases. But for this one has to play for a long term, but in the casinos players rarely plays for long term.

That is why sometime it is not appropriate to follow this rule in case of betting in Balckjack. But here is also a clone rule of D'Alembert betting system for the short term. It is named as the Pyramid theory. It is widely used in roulette and baccarat but also followed in Blackjack numerously. Moreover this rule is used in positive betting. Then it is addressed as contra- D'Alembert system.

The D'Alembert system

Originally the D'Alembert system was founded especially for roulette as it is an unpredictable game of luck. In the case of progressive betting where players increase their bets after each play there is some risk of losing a great amount. But in the D'Alembert system the risk is comparatively lesser than the Martingale rule.

Because in this bet a player has to double his bet after each lose. So the D'Alembert rule is player friendly as it is very easy to understand and to follow and player have less risk of losing great amount that he may face through Martingale system. It will be clearer if we give an example. If the unit is $2 and your bet is $4 then if you lose the next bet will be $6 and if you win the bet will be $2. Though you are winning less but the risk of losing is also less here.

There is no system through which you will able to win a big but the system of betting can increase the possibility of your winning or can keep you safe from a great lose.