PostHeaderIcon How Good Is the Volta Online Casino?

Playing online has a lot of benefits. It is undoubtedly more straightforward and accessible, and the bonuses that often come are not to be disregarded. But, there are some red flags that we should keep an eye for, even with relatively familiar names like the Volta Casino.

The three things you should always look for are:

  • License
  • Games
  • Payment Options

While all operators will, hopefully, offer more, these are the non-negotiable things. For Volta, which has been around since 2014, it is slightly easier to answer these questions, but every player should take a look for themselves to be certain that they are playing with a good operator.

The two are technical and straight to the point; No license – no gaming, no payment – no money. Without an international license from Curacao, such as the case here, or the one from Malta, there is no point investigating anymore. And, if you can’t withdraw your money, there is little point in winning.

Games will be slightly more tricky, but Volta is open about focusing on slots and showing what they have front and centre. Thus, if you see something you like, you should check it out.

Is it Legal?

Yes. While the Curacao license has often been seen as inferior to its Maltese counterpart, the Dutch government has tightened regulation, and Volta is still on the roster, so it is completely legal and legally safe to play with this operator.

Additionally, the connection itself is secured with a 256bit SSL certificate, making the information you give safe as well. This will protect you from identity theft, as well as prevent any minors from playing.

The Curacao license also includes clauses used to prevent predatory practices with gambling operators, which does give peace of mind and assures us that we are talking about a reputable operator.

Are the Games Good?

There are over 1500 games available on the platform, made by 18 different gaming developers. And while most are slots, there are some traditional games, including blackjack. These are relatively rudimentary but are a good option and not very common with platforms that allow cryptocurrency.

Also, there are some very popular options that have been tried and tested on other platforms as well, so there is a perfect chance that everyone can find something they like, especially if they prefer slots.

The downside is that the Volta bonuses don’t count up when you play table games, but that is easily offset by a couple of slot games which contribute 100% towards this goal.

Solid Cryptocurrency Option

The most exciting part of the Volta Casino game experience is the payment methods. Aside from traditional options and digital payment, there is also crypto like BTC, LTC, and Ethereum, as well as others.

Playing this way can be an excellent way to use your hot wallet for something other than speculating. And at Volta, this is the quickest option, as depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency take only a few hours, making it significantly faster than other methods.