PostHeaderIcon How to Play Pontoon Blackjack

Standard Blackjack has lots of types that are unique and interesting. Pontoon is one of them. However, to play Pontoon Blackjack you don't have to learn something very complex. Pontoon Blackjack traditionally divided into another 2 types: Australian, which is known under the name Spanish 21, and British Pontoon. We are going to have a look on how to play Pontoon Blackjack as this just another different game.

Rules of Pontoon

Pontoon is played with two decks. The main rules of the Pontoon are quite similar to other Blackjack game's rules. The player traditionally must beat the dealer and get closer to 21 points before the dealer does the same. In Pontoon the dealer has to hit on soft 17. In Pontoon when a player gets 21 points - it is called a Pontoon, in other games - Blackjack or 21.

This is about main Pontoon objective - it is similar to traditional one. Rules of Pontoon can seem slightly different. When you and dealer both have a "push" - you automatically lose all your wagers. In Pontoon you are permitted to stand on whatever total you'd like to stand. If your hand's total is 14 or lower - you must hit it.

You can finally stand on 15 or if you receive a higher total. If to talk about dealer's cards - they are dealt face down. Due to this occasion Blackjack strategies don't work here much. However, there are still several rules that favor the player. You must firstly finish all your moves before dealer can play his cards.

This means they don't check their cards for natural Pontoon. Player can get 21, which will beat the dealer's one. Players are allowed to double down and then hit, that gives more opportunities to win. Splitting is allowed twice during one gaming session. If the player is dealt two Aces - he can split one time and take one card for every new hand.

5-card trick

This is the best thing about Pontoon. If the player hit his hand and in 5 cards total he doesn't go busted - his payout will be 2:1 and in Pontoon is called a 5-card trick. Pontoon allows to "buy" cards. If you desire to buy an additional card - you have to place an extra bet. Then dealer gives you a card face down. Player can buy as much cards as he wants. If you want to get a additional card without buying - you can ask for a twisting card. You get this card face up and may take more twisted cards, as you like.